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Extending the Duration of Your Power Generator

When the generator for your RV is running out of power in the middle of the night, filling it back up becomes a problem. Rather than relaxing or sleeping, you end up having to deal with this issue. With a fuel tank system from VM Sales, you never have to worry about that. We offer extended time gas tank systems for RVs, campers, and outdoor activities. We also offer replacement parts to extend the lifetime of your gas tanks.

Our founder started this company after finding himself dealing with an empty gas tank in the middle of the night while out camping. He created this tank to improve the amount of power that could be generated for a long period of time. Our business started in 2007 and has been going strong ever since. When you are finding it difficult to travel because your generator is not doing enough, our products are the solution.



Ensure your recreational vehicle lasts longer while you are vacationing with a new and innovative generator tank system from VM Sales. Based in Fort Worth, Texas, we have developed the perfect power generator tool for recreational vehicles, construction machinery, camping, hiking, or ranching.

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In 2007, Voda and Dick, the original creators, managed campgrounds for the US Forest Service on Mount Baker in Northwest Washington State. They came up with an idea to build a fuel system for your generator that allows you to fill up less often. After 4 months of testing and modifying their system, it started looking and operating as a high-quality fuel system. We were proud of what we created and made it ready for the market.

Voda and Dick have been outdoor enthusiasts their whole lives. The lifestyle they led after retiring in 1999 brought about the age-old quest of how to make a better product. The problem was that every generator eventually ran out of power. They created their extended fuel system so that people would not have to stumble around in the dark to fill their generator.

We started a marketing campaign for our new product since no one knew what an Extended Fuel System was. We took our fuel system to several RV trade shows and put it on eBay so we could see if this was a system that other RV users would use and appreciate as much as we did. In April 2008, we sent our fuel system to Trailer Life Magazine to do an independent test of our EZ Flow™ Fuel System. Trailer Life Magazine gave us a full page review. Currently, we have more than 25 dealers in the lower 48 States, Alaska, and Canada.


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