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Caribou Cooler

Item Number: 51870 (55L white cooler); 51872 (20L white cooler); 51873 (35L white cooler)

 Price: 20L Cooler $185.50; 35L Cooler $220.50; 55L Cooler $255.50

The Caribou Cooler has thick, seamless walls which means more insulation and longer ice retention. The sealing gasket keeps the cool air in and the hot air out. It also has two hinges that are built into the lid to prevent damage. The Caribou Cooler is a rotomolded one-piece cooler, which means it won't crack or break. Rotomolded coolers are more durable because they're made from one piece, not glued together at the seams like other coolers. With extreme durability and superior ice retention, this cooler is perfect for all your outdoor activities.

Caribou Cooler Caribou Cooler Caribou Cooler

Evo Water Filter

Item Number: 40631  Price: $54.25

Reduces bad taste, odors, sediments, bacteria, chlorine, and much more. Includes filter housing, one 12 inch extension hose and one replaceable premium spun polypropylene filter cartridge. Filtration begins with the water traveling through a porous shell with openings no greater than 5 microns in diameter. Filtered water then passes through a bed of KDFR and GAC (Granulated Activated Carbon) for further filtration and bacteria control. The result is fresh, clean, and great tasting drinking water from your tap. For exterior use.

Evo Water Filter Evo Water Filter

Evo Mounting Bracket

Item Number: 40772  Price: $16.00

Hold your Water filter upright and off the ground. Foot bar makes it easier to secure the stand in the ground. Lightweight. Zinc coated to inhibit rust.

Evo Mounting Bracket Evo Mounting Bracket

Locking Electrical Adapters

   Item Numbers: 55501 (30 Amp 25');  55512 (30 Amp 18");  55542 (50 Amp 25');  55552 ( 50 Amp 18")

   Prices: 30 Amp 25' $59.75;  30 Amp 18" $37.75;  50 Amp 25' $141.25;  50 Amp 18" $42.25

For hooking your marine-style 30 or 50 Amp RV power inlet to a standard power source. Threaded locking ring helps to create a weatherproof connection. Available in 25' or 18" lengths. Patented.

Locking Electrical Adapters Locking Electrical Adapters

Propane Distribution Posts

Item Number: 51096  Price: $36.25 

Use up to three propane appliances simultaneously with just one tank! Lantern, portable campfire, grill, camp stove/griddle, heater and more. Includes: One 15-inch propane distribution post: Excess Flow, Soft-Nose P.O.L. Propane Tank Connection and Three 1”-20 Male Throwaway Cylinder – Appliance connections and one 15” Propane Distribution Post Extension: 1”-20 Male/Female Throwaway Cylinder Threads. All outlets feature auto-shutoff.

Propane Distribution Posts Propane Distribution Posts

Holding Tank Rinser

Rinser With Valve Item Number: 40103  Price: $7.90

Holding Tank Rinser: Completely flush out your holding tank. Easy grip handle and quarter-turn pressure-sealed valve allow complete control of water flow. Side-placed jets clean and rinse the smallest, hard to reach places. Rinser kit includes holding tank rinser plus 8’ hose and faucet adapter.

Holding Tank Rinser

Raven Disposable Gloves

Item Numbers: 66518 (Large Gloves); 66519 (XL Gloves); 66520 (XXL Gloves)  Price: $15.00 any size

Disposable gloves. 6 mil nitrile. Outstanding strength, wear, and dexterity. Textured for enhanced gripping power. Latex free and powder free. 100 gloves per box, intended for single use.

Raven Disposable Gloves

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